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Total Accounts: 767
Total Characters: 680
Total Guilds: 23
Server Status: ONLINE

Players Online: 0
Online Record: 7
Max Online: 200
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All Events you can found in the EVENT Menu in the WebSite! The First 20 Players who Write Their Characters Names Will Get a FREE GIFT From the Admin!

BAVKA MU Easy is Online from: 05.08.2021

Please Don't use SPECIAL SYMBOLS ( !@#$%^&*)_[]-_) In Your CHARACTER Name's or you will can'T use the WebSite Options!!

To Enable Special Visual Effects rename "!opengl32.dll" to "opengl32.dll" (remove the ! in the front) from Client Directory!

Why to Choose to Play in BAVKA MU?:
We Are The MOST OLD-School Server in Nowaday!
99.9% Buggless and Stable Server ONLINE 24/7!
BAVKA MU is the Only One Server on 97d who in Nowaday Have Only /post Command! No /addStats no /reset in the Game! Add Stats and Reset Only From The WebSite! EveryThing is a OLD-School in Our Server - Starting from The WebSite and Ending With the Launcher! If You are a OLD-School Player, Who want to Bring Back the OLD-School MU Online Gaming! All That, On a The Most Unique and Modificated Looking Game Client with The Most Unique Special Visual Effects = Old-School Server with a The Most custom and unique 97d Client in The World, Hosted on a Zen Architecture CPU + Hyper X Memory Ensures a LAG-FREE GamePlay! Join BAVKA MU Now!
Also, NO HACKS In OUR MU Online Server, Even the Use of the "Shadow Bug", You Will Get a BANNED Account!

A Little Info About BAVKA MU Easy:
ALL Characters Classes CAN Equip ALL WINGS!
Fairy ELFs(/Muse ELFs) Can Quip Mace of King and Phantom Mace!
Magic Gladiators Can Equip Flaming Phoenix SET, Spirit sword and Blade of Devourer!
Big Monster Spawns/Spots
LAST SETS and WEAPONS +11 +16 +LUCK in Shops!
All Jewels & Potions & Guardians, Blue Feather in shops!
All Wings in Shops!
All Skills in Shops!
Box of Kundun +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5 in shops!
3D Camera
Custom Looking Skins
Custom in-Game Visual Effects
Version: 0.97d
Max Players Online: 200
Experience: MAX
Item Drop: MAX
Bless Bug: ON
Max Level: 1000
Max Stats: 32767
Points Per Level: 9/12

BAVKA MU EASY News on FaceBook:

BAVKA MU EASY Videos on YouTube:
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TIP: Did you know - You Can BUY a F.O. items in our WebShop!

Wellcome to BAVKA MU Easy WebSite! Thanks You For Choosing To Play in OUR Server! OUR Server is Online: 24/7! So Join NOW And Invite Your Friends To Play Toggether With You! Also You Can Help us A Lot, By Voting for US! (Every Day on ALL Tops Please!)

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