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Total Accounts: 334
Total Characters: 287
Total Guilds: 13
Server Status: ONLINE

Players Online: 0
Online Record: 5
Max Online: 200
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All Rights on The WebSite and the private GameServer's of BAVKA MU bellows to BAVKA MU's Owner.

MU Online is a MMORPG Game who is created by WebZen.

All Rights to the Game "MU Online", belong to their creator "WebZen" ( Website: ).

BAVKA MU Have nothing to do with WebZen!

The Official (Original) Mu Online Server can be found on this address:

BAVKA MU is a Private, Free To Play MU Online Server.

The Game Mu Online get popularity by Private Mu Online Servers, and The Files are Released to The Internet for free(and from there the admin/creator of bavka mu is download the files for the server) and Like the game Counter-Strike, The WebZen releases they files in the internet to get popularity to their game by private servers. Another Mu Online Servers can be found by typing in Google (or any another search engine): "Mu Online", " Mu Online Servers", " Mu Online Top" (Links to Mu Online Top Servers List can be found in the "Vote for us" Page.)

For The Servers Files Thanks for the All MU Online Network, and for all the people who do awesome MU programs(/editors) like SKYTEAM.

The BAVKA MU WebSite uses a template of MuWeb 0.8 by =Master=.

For a Ultimate Experience, The BAVKA MU Server uses a 3 Different Anti-Cheat Systems - Thanks the Creaters of Them, But for Security Reasons their names cannot be said.
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