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Server Name:
BAVKA MU Online Easy
Version: 0.97d
Experience: 9999x
Item Drop: 99%
(MAX Item Drop)
Total Accounts: 614
Total Characters: 499
Total Guilds: 16
Server Type: PVP
Server Status: ONLINE

Players Online: 0
Players Online Today: 0
Online Record: 7
Max Online: 200
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MU Online vote reward system
Flag Counter

Soul Master
Number 1
in the Ranking
Blade Knight
Number 1
in the Ranking
Muse Elf
Number 1
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Magic Gladiator
Number 1
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Question: Cant Run BAVKA MU Online Easy - Windows Error?
Answer: If you Launch BAVKA MU Online Easy Launcher, and the Windows give you a Error, Please Uinstall/Remove from programs "Net Framework 4" (If you have it Installed) and Download and Install it Again from THERE.

Question: How to FIX MY Zen "-Zen"(Minus Zen)?
Answer: Just ask Someone to Give You some Zen in Trade.

Question: How to Turn on the Special Visual Effects?
Answer: Rename the file "!opengl32.dll" to "opengl32.dll" (Just Remove the "!").

Question: What i can do to remove the LAG?
Answer: You can rename the file "opengl32.dll" from the BAVKA MU Online Easy Client Directory.

Question: Do in the BAVKA MU Online Easy Client Have Virus?
Answer: No! But like in the 99% of the cases with the Mu Online Private Servers, The AntiVirus Program Detect the Game Client "Executable" as virus because is packed (protected).

Question: Why My AntiVirus Program can Allert me that what in the BAVKA MU Online Easy Game Client have a Virus?
Answer: The Answers are again two - Because Your antivirus program detects The BAVKA MU Online Easy's Launcher.exe as virus, or Because your antivirus program detects that what the BAVKA MU Online Easy (Launcher.exe) is packed(with Protected exe file (just like with a program like molebox (pro))

Question:Why i can't see the Text in the game, and what i can do to fix it?
Answer: Because your In-Windows-Feature - "ClearType" is Enabled, if you are on Windows 10, you can found that feature by search him by clickin in the Windows Logo Button (For the Start Menu) or by clicking you Windows Logo button on your keyboard and type "ClearType", and click on "Adjust ClearType Text"(Your can found that feature also in the control panel), and by remove the "V" from "Turn on ClearType".

Question:How to Control the 3D Camera?
Answer: To Move the 3D Camera - Click and Hold the Left and Right Mouse buttons together at the same time, also You can Zoom-In and Zoom-Out with your Mouse's Scroll. Press "Home" Button(key on your Keyboard) to Restore the Default Camera View.

Question:How to Disable The 3D Camera?
Answer: Open the File called "settings.ini" in the BAVKA MU Online Easy Client Directory and Change "Enabled =1" to "Enabled =0".

Question: Can't RUN/Start/Launch BAVKA MU Online Easy?
Answer: If you Launch BAVKA MU Online Easy, and nothing happened, Try: Right Click on "This PC"/"Computer" -> Click "Advanced system settings" -> Click "Advanced" -> Click "Settings" on the "Performance" -> Click "Data Execution Prevention" -> Clcik "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:", Click "Add" and then Select the file "Launcher.exe" from the BAVKA MU Online Easy Client Directory, Click "Apply" and then "OK", and Restart Your Computer.

Question: The Windows Detects (BAVKA MU Online Easy) Launcher as Virus, What to do?
Answer: You Need to delete your AntiVirus Program and Disable Windows Defender.
If You Use Windows 10, To disable Windows Defender Make That: Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Manage settings (or Virus & threat protection settings in previous versions of Windows 10).
Switch Real-time protection to Off.

Question:I Have Windows error When i start the Launcher.exe, What to do?
Answer: This is Because You have a Corrupted System Files - Like: Visual C++, Net Framework ... You Must Re-Install Your Windows to fix That Problem. More Info - There.

Question:I can't do Evil Spirit (The Skill), What to do?
Answer: This is Agility Bug, You must use a - Unilia or Dinorant.

Question:How to Minimize the Game?
Answer: You First gotta check the "windows mode" option in our Launcher and Then You Can Use a F11 and F12 to Minimize the Game.

Question:I Can't Login to My Account in the Game?
Answer: If You Have a Problems - When you Try to login the game says you "Invalid Account", or "No Charge Info", or when you login to your account you don't see your characters, Please try to login 5-10 times more, and this bug will be fixed by himself! (And You will CAN ENTER!) :)

Question:Why I don't Get Free Credits For Character Reset?
Answer: To Get Free Credits for Every one Character Reset who you make OR To Get Free Credits from our Vote Reward System, you First need to login least once in to the our WebShop.

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MU Online Top 10 Players

Top 10 Players

# Char. Name Char. Class H.O.F. Points Char. Resets Char. Status
1. Leito MG 0 53
2. Aragorn BK 0 46
3. Madzig SM 0 33
4. -LeGoLaS- BK 0 31
5. Master MG 0 26
6. BLUE BK 0 25
7. DoCent MG 0 25
8. Pink Elf 0 25
9. Soul SM 0 25
10. aishe ME 0 24

Top 10 MU Online Guilds

Top 10 Guilds

# Name Score Master Members Logo
1. BTTC 1 -LeGoLaS- 1
2. Mugiwara 1 Luffy 1
3. KzLeLmA 1 BiNGoO 1
4. KINGSIZE 1 Master 1
6. Pinoy 1 Yishai 3
7. Guild 1 GameMaster 1
8. Admins 1 BAVKAMUcom 1
9. Admin 1 Admin 1

Top 10 Soul Masters
Top 10 Soul Masters

# Name HOF Points Resets Status
1. Madzig 0 33
2. Soul 0 25
3. Bluedragon 0 12
4. baba27 0 11
5. Yishai 0 9
6. BiNGoO 0 8
7. zarthul 0 8
8. Hoan 0 6
9. Itachi 0 6
10. TURKEYSM 0 6

Top 10 Blade Knights
Top 10 Blade Knights

# Name HOF Points Resets Status
1. Aragorn 0 46
2. -LeGoLaS- 0 31
3. BLUE 0 25
4. lohman 0 19
5. CongVn 0 14
6. HOMELESZ 0 14
7. POWER 0 14
8. ProoZz 0 13
9. ReSideNt 0 10
10. GrabDeez 0 9

Top 10 Muse Elfs
Top 10 Muse Elfs

# Name HOF Points Resets Status
1. aishe 0 24
2. missloenly 0 10
3. AsGArD 0 8
4. zarelf 0 6
5. BIG-POWER 0 4
6. FiLiNTa50 0 4
7. Alex26 0 3
8. Bebo 0 3
9. ThEBiggELF 0 3
10. ThienNu 0 2

Top 10 Magic Gladiators
Top 10 Magic Gladiators

# Name HOF Points Resets Status
1. Leito 0 53
2. Master 0 26
3. DoCent 0 25
4. iFake 0 21
5. SyCong 0 12
6. Goku 0 11
7. sonics 0 8
8. Dahak 0 7
9. Luffy 0 7
10. Evilfreak 0 6

TIP: Did you know - If You CanT do Evill-Spirit, Use a Dinorant or Unilia!

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