NEW Client!

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NEW Client!

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You can Download the New Client from the "Downloads":
You Can Still Play with Your OLD Client if you want!
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BAVKA MU Client Updates:

To Make a ScreenShots in the Game, Please go into the BAVKA MU Hard Client Directory, and make NEW Folder called "Images"!

The Programs who You Must Have Installed, To Run BAVKA MU Hard:
NET FrameWork 4, Visual C++ 2005 x86 and 2008 x86
Are Added in to the Folder Called "redist" in the BAVKA MU Hard Client Directory!
If you have a "Windows Error" when you open BAVKA MU Hard Launcher, You Must Install These Programs!

The "WINGS NEWS Skins Patch Installer" are Added to BAVKA MU Hard Client Directory, and You Can Install Him If You Want!
Video with the New Wings Skins:

Added the Links to ALL Our Another Servers and The Forum into the Game Client Directory!

Loading Screen Image Changed!

From Now:
The Magic Gladiator Can Equip: Blade of Devourer, Embroidered and Adamantine SETS!
The Elfs and Muse Elfs can Equip: Staff of Kundun!
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