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WebSite and Client Updates

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Hello All!, Dear BAVKA MU Online Players!
Because The BAVKA MU Online Easy ( ) is Our first server of the BAVKA MU Gaming NetWork ( ), and it's our 'FlagMan' Server, We Will Update it - a Step by step - little by little!

The Updates in the Game For Now Are:
-> Shops (NPC's) Some more Things Added

In the WebSite are The following:
-> Please vote for us message will be removed from the players options in the website - For Example: add stats, reset character ... :ymhug:
-> WebSite SEO
-> WebSite a Little Updates

The Upcoming Updates:
-> New Client Update
-> Brand New WebSite on Bulgarian Language, For The Bulgarian Players (The Old WebSite will Remain, but will have a button to change the Languages/Sites, for Those who want!)

After All That is Done, Sure we can make a New Season of the Server, by Restarting it! :ymparty:
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