Did you Know - About the MU Online Hacks and Cheats

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Did you Know - About the MU Online Hacks and Cheats

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Hello All, Dear BAVKA MU Online Players. In This Thread in the BAVKA MU Online Forum's, I want to tell you About ALL MU Online Hacks and Cheats.

LIKE A OLD Mu Online Player - ME (THE ADMIN of the BAVKA MU Online), Was Used MU Online Hacks(/Cheats), When i was Young..
:o3 :o3 %-( %-(
The MU Online Hacks and Cheats Giving you TWO SIDEs - One Positive (using the MU Online Hack you can make the game run's more fast (speed hack), can dupe items, etc..) and ONE NEGATIVE - Using of the Hacks / Cheats for MU Online Can HARM You PC , by making the cpu cicling more faster than it normal for example - of some versions of MU ONLINE SPEED HACKS ... and Even the Most dangerous is - the new hacks have a MINNERS and hidden TROJANS and VIRUSES than can infect YOUR COMPUTER! So i Reconomment to you to DO NO'T USE NEVER MU ONLINE HACKS! Even for the Glory, if you are a OLD-School Real Player, you will never use a hack even if you have it, because if you use a hack you will no have a HONOR (like using a cheat in gta for example .... 1 time used it no need to play more when you use a cheats ...)
Using a HACK or Cheat in BAVKA MU Online Servers will RESULT YOU ACCOUNT TO BE BANNED!
One Interesting Thing about the Hacks and The Cheats in the MU Online are - the MU ONLINE AntiHack/AntiCheat Systems - One interesting thing from them are - some of them give sometime false Allert for use of a cheat - and will disconnect the user - if use a task manager, or browse in the internet tiil play BAVKA MU online for example ...

The AntiCheats and AntiHacks for MU Online are Different, so in BAVKA MU Online Servers We Use a Different AntiCheat Systems for OUR Servers! 8-}

If you Can't Run the Game or have a Problems with the Game of one Server
(http://bavkamu.com - BAVKA MU Online for Example,
You can try http://fun.bavkamu.com - BAVKA MU Online FUN ! - Different AntiCheat System/Launcher ...)

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