There You can Upload Your Candidature for a GameMaster or a Forum Moderator of BAVKA MU Medium,IF YOU PASS THE REQUIREMENTS!
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:idea: :!: This is a simple Form, What you exactly must contain Your Candidature Post:

The Requirements of the Candidates who must Have:
1. To Have a Total Donation of a Minimum 100 EUR in BAVKA MU Medium.
2. To have a 5 MAX Resets Characters in One Account in BAVKA MU Medium.
3. To Can Play a Minimum 1 Hour, a 3-4 Times in the Week! (By Helping The Players, and a Kicking/Ban Hackers/Cheaters!)

If You Don't Pass the Requirements, Please don't Post a Candidatures ! :!:

The Subject (Title of the Forum Thread): Must be: Candidature for a Game Master

Your Post Must Contain the Following Information:
1. Whats Your's Character'S Name(s)?
2. How much a Donations are You Maked till Now?
3. How much Time in a Week you can Spend by Playing in BAVKA MU Medium?
4. Why you Candidate for a Game Master? :o

Before to Candidate for a Game Master You Must Know: Banning or Kicking of a Player without Reason 3 Times, or Moving a Player 10 Times without Him Permissions, WILL revoking your rights as a Game Master in BAVKA MU Medium!

The Rights who you will obtain as a Game Master as, If You Candidature are Accepted, BAVKA MU Medium, Will be The Following :
1. You will can Write To ALL of the Online Players with a Yellow Letters (Just like the Golden Dragon Invasion Message Displays) with the Command on the Chat: " ! MESSAGE" (WithOut the " " ").
2. You will Can move You or A Online Player with the Following Command: "/move CHARACTER 0 126 126" (Character Replace with the Name of the Character Who You will Want to Move, 0 - this is the ID of the Map 0 - Lorencia, 1 - Dungeon, 2 - Davias, 3 - Noria ... Stadium - 6 ...,and a 126 126 - Are The Cordinats of the Map).
3. You will Can Kick or Ban a Cheater/Hacker! For a Security Reason We Will Dont Display the Command Right Now There, So Contact the BAVKA MU Admin when You Candidature is Accepted to Say you the Command! :)
4. You Will have a Unique Privilege, From Time to Time (when the BAVKA MU Admin Added You a Items for Reward), To make a Events WhatEver You Want of The Following: Race Event, PK Event, Find Event!
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