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Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2021 6:29 pm
EveryOne Who Make a Video with Minimum 10 Minutes of GamePlay of BAVKA MU Easy, and send me the File To Upload Him in Our YouTube Channel at Fan-Made Videos (videos By Fans) Will Get a REWARD From The Admin!
The Reward Will be Cool!
Make A Video with Fraps/OBS or another Video Recording Program and Send me The File (Must be 2GB Max FileSize!) In The Video The Only One Requirement Will be - The WebSite: BAVKAMU.COM Gotta Be Displayed in the Video :!:
When you Make The Video Upload it SomeWhere and Send a Link of the Video There!
Great AWARD Wait's You!
You Can Make a 5-6 Videos if You Want, But One Player will Get Only One Reward Only One Time! :!: